#015: Dr. Gominak - Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder, AND MORE Due to a Lack of Vitamins D and B

May 19, 2021

Imagine a world filled with people pain-free with mental illness, anxiety, depression and psychosis a thing of the past. Medical illness is reduced. Medication use is minimized. Dr. Gominak believes, “See your doctor once a year, heal your body every night. 


The world epidemic of sleep disorders AND MORE is linked to Vitamin D deficiency!


Dr. Gominak also says that autism is linked to insufficient deep sleep.


The global struggle with worsening sleep is linked to reduced sun exposure, says Dr. Gominak.


"See your doctor once a year. Heal your body every night." - Dr. Gominak


Given back enough time in deep sleep and the necessary raw materials (D and B vitamins) the brain can make up for the deep sleep that it missed and develop normal social skills even into the teens and early 20’s.

Not a morning person? Dr. Gominak says that’s due to a sleep disorder.

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