#006: Dr. Claudia Gold - Quick Diagnosis and Overmedication.

February 20, 2021

What’s Really Going On? Listening Changes the Brain says Dr. Gold.

Dr. Gold is a Pediatrician specializing in the area of infants and families. She is the director of the ‘Hello It’s Me Project,’ a community project in Western Massachusetts which teaches doctors and practitioners through her course how to support parent infant relationships in rural communities with high needs and low resources through her methodology and research. 

Dr. Gold gives parents hope in ways they can truly begin to understand and support the healthy development of their child. Her goal is to impact our next generation and put them on a different trajectory in this time of increased mental health needs and concerns that has us all worried.

In her book, “The Silenced Child,” Dr. Gold shares how behind every troublesome behavior there is always a story crying to be heard.

Dr. Gold’s hope is to empower parents to learn more about their child from the minute they are born and how to watch, observe and learn what your child needs. Listen how Dr. Gold explains how to take a stance of wonder and curiosity asking yourself, “What is this behavior really about?” and being respectful of what your child is bringing. 

Dr. Gold shares with us how children are being silenced and their development stunted in the age of quick diagnosis and overmedication. In her book, ‘The Silenced Child’ she shows the tremendous power of listening in promoting growth and healing. When we pause for a moment of human connection and communication, we discover a path to healing. 

Links to her books

The Developmental Science of Early Childhood

The Silenced Child

Keeping Your Child in Mind

The Power of Discord (2020)


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