#008: High School Seniors Stress Reduced With Mindfulness Practices

February 28, 2021

Isabella Elliot and Emily Gallo - Meditation got them through 2020! Two seniors at Padua Academy in Wilmington, Delaware share their story of how their life changed the day they walked into Mr. Shelton’s Physics class where he begins each class with 3 minutes of silence. And they say every classroom in the US should start this way.

Isabella, a senior, believes that people in our society struggle with creating these positive thoughts and finding peace with themselves and one another. If more people meditated she believes our society would be more open-minded and people would be able to live more freely.

“Having meditation and mindfulness techniques truly helped me calm down the emotions that filled my body.” - Isabella Elliot

Emily, also a senior, wrote her Junior Research Paper on how meditation would be beneficial for students if implemented into classrooms nationwide. As a society, she shares, we definitely struggle with finding love within ourselves and within others, and she believes if more people meditated, society would become more peaceful and relationships would be stronger.

“Most importantly, I am grateful for the gift of mindfulness during this stressful year. Meditation genuinely got me through 2020. It helped me learn how to treat others, understanding that they are going through the same, if not a worse situation.” - Emily Gallo 

Read more of Emily and Isabella’s blogs including other students, staff and individuals impacted by the power of mindfulness and meditation practices.


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