Life After Loss - Moving Through Grief to Live and Love Again with Alison Pena

June 26, 2022

After losing her husband to pancreatic cancer, Alison designed new ways to re-engage, reinvent, and rebuild. Her new book, “The Bad Widow Guide to Life After Loss: Moving Through Grief to Live and Love Again,”  supports people grieving and those who love them. Alison Pena, aka Bad Widow, is a  Grief Resilience Coach,  #1 Amazon bestselling Author and Speaker and Affluence Code® Consultant

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Alison did when she was told her husband had 6 weeks to live 
  • Why Alison says, “When you are watching someone who is leaving, there is not much to be afraid of.”
  • Handling your emotions, how to take care of yourself when you are the caregiver
  • Alison’s experience…how difficult it was to get out of bed after the loss of her husband, going through a ‘wasteland of grief’ as she calls it
  • How Alison got her name ‘Bad Widow’
  • How everyone who wanted to get it right kept getting it wrong. The way they were talking, treating her, and more
  • Alison’s turning point after feeling broken and people treating her like she was broken
  • The difference between devastated, not broken
  • What you do, when you have no idea who you are. Reinventing yourself.

People want to give you what you ask them for, but they don’t want to get it wrong, especially if you are a widow. Alison found out that as long as she could be SO clear with others about what she needed, so they could not get it wrong and it wasn’t too much of a stretch for them, she got it about 80% of the time.

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